What We Do

We provide a personal one to one advisory and support service to all our members, as well as representing their interests by lobbying key stakeholders in Cork city. We have an Executive consisting of leading business figures from around the city and four working committees with a focus on:  Infrastructure, Transport & FinanceSecurity & EnvironmentSocial, Communications, Tourism; &  Membership.

Rates are a serious cost to your business, we continually engage with Cork City Council about reducing this cost base for our members, which includes a detailed annual submission to Cork City Council on the rates issue.In 2014 the income to Cork City Council from commercial rates was € 65.7m or 40% of their total budget.The Cork Business Association will continue to lobby the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government to ensure revenue raised from Local Property tax is used locally.The CBA will continue to monitor how the Local Property tax is distributed and that the Government assurance by Minister Hogan in 2013 that 80% of the income raised locally from property tax is ring fenced for local expenditure.The government by delivering on this commitment will ease the financial constraints that Cork City Council is currently experiencing and allow scope for a reduction in commercial rates for business.



A safe city is good for business, which is why our security group works with our members to ensure their concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour are communicated with a strong voice to An Garda Siochana and Public Representatives. The Cork Business Association chairs the City Centre Business Community Safety Forum, which comprises members of our security committee, city centre business owners, representatives from Cork city Council & An Garda Siochana. Its objectives are to make Cork city centre a more pleasant place to shop, work and visit. This forum is responsible for listening to and responding to issues of concern from the business community in the day to day running of their businesses. The Forum has direct links to the main Joint Policing Committee (JPC)

Street Cleaning
The CBA consistently engages with the key stakeholders in the city to ensure the standard and cleanliness of our streets is maintained. It is essential that we are able to offer our customers and visitors to our city a location that is clean and attractive to visit.


 Public Realm
 A number of Major Public realm projects in the city have been completed most recently in Parnell Place. Whilst acknowledging the excellent work achieved by Cork City Council in this area. We are continuing to actively engage on this issue in respect of a number of different streets /areas.


Graffiti Removal
The CBA in partnership with Cork City Council and The Probation Service participate in graffiti removal projects across the city, improving the look and feel of our city for citizens and visitors alike. It is essential that this problem is dealt with in a timely manner and the responsibility lies with the premises owner to remove graffiti.Please see the attached link for further details.


Our members through ongoing investment in their businesses and by creating employment are critical to providing a fully functioning city centre. We work closely with An Garda Síochána to ensure regulations around casual trading and street begging are applied. It is essential that our rate-paying members businesses are protected and casual trading is not allowed outside of the agreed area in the city for such trading. The legislation on street begging needs clarification especially since the April 2013 High Court ruling and the CBA will continue to lobby to ensure this clarification is forthcoming.

Affordable and available parking is essential for a city of Cork’s size and pivotal to attracting customers into the city. The CBA, in partnership with Cork City Council, has delivered a number of successful free city-wide parking initiatives and we continue to lobby all relevant parties to ensure parking charges are competitive. The CBA through ongoing representation and lobbying Cork City Council achieved the removal of clamping of cars in Cork City. With the notable exception of vehicles blocking emergency exits etc. Since 2011 the CBA in partnership with Cork City Council has launched free parking initiatives in the run up to Christmas. This initiative which runs during mid-October through November is designed to encourage shoppers into the city and provide a pre-Christmas boost to trade for businesses. The CBA continues to engage with all the key stakeholders to ensure we maximise the number of parking spaces available in the city and that on street and off street parking costs are kept as competitive as possible. TheCBA will continue to lobby for the introduction of additional Park& Ride facilities to support better access into the city for commuters and shoppers alike. We are fully consciousof how important this issue is for our members and their businesses and we will ensure that it remains a key focus of our Infrastructure Group.


We work strategically with Cork City Council, An Garda Siochana and the National Roads Authority to ensure that disruption to our members’ businesses, as a result of large scale road-works or major cultural events / festivals, is minimised, particularly during important peak trading times. The CBA works to ensure the needs of businesses are fully taken into account when road-works / diversions are planned in the city. A recent example of our proactive engagement in this area was the decision to change planned works on the Jack Lynch Tunnel from December to end of January / February thereby ensuring disruption to business during the busiest period of the year was avoided. Our Infrastructure group will continue to engage with all stakeholders on transport issues particularly in respect of the Cork City Centre Movement Strategy (Part 8) Phase 1 & Phase 2

Securing improved flood defences for Cork is vital to the future prosperity of the city. The CBA’s Infrastructure Group aims to ensure that appropriate flood defence measures are implemented as a matter of priority; and in a manner that preserves the city’s historical connectivity with the river. Our Infrastructure group have visited several locations such as Fermoy, Clonmel, and Waterford to assess the type and standard of construction used and to review the level of flood prevention success achieved in these locations to-date. The CBA will continue to engage on a local and national level to ensure that the works agreed for Corks flood defences are to the highest standards both structurally and aesthetically and are delivered as expeditiously as possible.





The CBA will continue to provide advice and assistance to our members in the area of flood prevention for individual premises and ensure they are aware of the most up to date products on the market. We will continue to work with Cork City Council to ensure Flood warning alerts are delivered to all businesses in the city to both CBA members and non-members. If you are still not signed up for this vital service please register immediately by contacting: www.corkcity.ie/smsregister/


The CBA is actively working in partnership with the Irish National Flood Forum on the critical issue of Flood Insurance.
Whilst recognising this is a national issue and affects both business and private households we are supporting the objectives of INFF which is that once the OPW have completed their 1in100 flood defence plan then Insurance Cover should follow. The CBA recently made a submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform on this issue



The CBA organises the highly successful Cork Business of the Year Awards which are presented to businesses / organisations that have contributed or promoted The enhancement of the commercial,cultural and civic life of Cork city.These awards are seen of one of the most prestigious accolades that can be bestowed on any sector of the of the Irish Business community.The Cork Business of the year awards are kindly sponsored by O Callaghan Properties and our media sponsor the Irish Examiner.

In 2014 the CBA relaunched the Cork Better Building Awards. These awards are sponsored by Cork City Council and our media sponsor The Evening Echo. The awards congratulate staff, managers,property owners,developers,architects and designers for high standards in design,conservation,and creativity and salute the window cleaners,painters and maintenance staff on their good practice in the presentation and upkeep of their buildings. Last year the Cork Better Building Awards received over 80 entries in the various categories and the awards were presented in November at a function in the Gresham Metropole Hotel