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Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID 19

The Government has published ‘Resilience and Recovery 2020 – 2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19’. This plan replaces the previous Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business. The Plan is a framework for managing COVID-19 over the next 6 months.

The plan sets out 5 levels that correspond to the severity of COVID-19 in a location. It is possible for different levels to be in place in different locations in the country. You can find out more about how the level in each location is decided.

Ireland is currently at Level 2. However, extra restrictions are in place in Dublin.

Level 5 is for locations where COVID-19 is most severe and means that restrictions on the activities of people and businesses are at their highest level. Level 1 is for locations where COVID-19 is the least severe and means that restrictions on the activities of people and businesses are at their lowest level.


Level 2

You can have visitors to your home from one other household only, or up to 6 visitors to your home from up to 3 other households. You can meet socially outdoors in groups of up to 15 people from up to 3 households.

You should continue to work from home if possible. You can go to work if for essential on-site meetings, inductions and training.

People over 70 and people who are medically vulnerable should avoid public transport, shop during designated hours and limit their interactions to a small number of people. Read more about cocooning.

Apart from protective measures that apply to individual sectors, there are no restrictions on:

  • Travel within Ireland
  • Schools and childcare services (protective measures must remain in place)
  • Outdoor play areas

Nursing and care homes should follow advanced protective measures.

Public transport can operate with reduced capacity.


Weddings, organised events and culture

Up to 50 people can go to a wedding.

Up to 100 people can go to organised indoor events (including sporting events), or up to 200 in larger venues. Specific guidance will be developed for individual sectors.

Up to 200 can go to organised outdoor events (including sporting events), or up to 500 can go to outdoor stadiums with a minimum capacity of 5000. For very large stadiums and outdoor venues, specific guidance will be developed by individual sectors.

Museums, galleries and other cultural attractions can open with social distancing in place. Maximum numbers depend on the size of the venue.


Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

Normal sports training sessions can take place and gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools can open with protective measures.


Religous services and funerals

Up to 50 can go to religious services, including funerals. If the premises can safely hold more than 50, this may be permitted if protective measures are in place.


Retail and business

Bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants can open with protective measures in place. Groups should be limited to 6 people from no more than 3 households. This includes wet pubs, pubs that do not serve food. Nightclubs, casinos and discos will remain closed.

Shops can open, along with hairdressers, beauticians and barbers. Face coverings must be worn.



chart new guidelines

Image: Irish Times