Our strength is in our numbers

As our country moves rapidly forward from what has been the most difficult of times for individuals and businesses, we, at CBA, are continuing to work on your behalf.  As we are sure you’re aware we were continuously available throughout this crisis and were delighted to be able to step to the fore on behalf of our members.  This crisis has made us even more conscious of the need for the businesses of Cork to work together. 

As businesses and society begin to emerge, we are still conscious that we must all proceed with caution. We, as a national community, have achieved great strides in combating this virus but work in this area is still continuing. CBA will continue to act as a conduit on behalf of its members, lobbying for their needs and aid requirements through the various local and national stakeholders and authorities, despite our small staff, we will persevere in all of our work which has now become a 7-day a week task. 

In addition to our direct one on one work, support and consultancy with our members, we were also extremely busy with delivering resources directly to our members such as webinars, conferences and masterclasses, which we hope you derived as much from them as we did.


Business grants and supports

Following the direct result of lobbying on behalf of our members, we were successful in achieving rates deferral, payment moratoriums, business grants and support. We also are still working with the government and all stakeholders in relation to additional supports, VAT reductions, grants and clarification surrounding regulations and recommendations. 



Another key request from several members across various business sectors was in relation to the issue around parking, and thankfully following more strategic meetings with members of Cork City Council, both North Main Street and Paul Street Car Parks were free for a number of months. Whilst charges have now been reintroduced we have ensured that the first two hours are still free as an incentive for customers to come into the city. 


As many of you are aware, we have also been influential in the consultation process that Cork City Council has opened up to the general public and businesses regarding the reopening of the city and also led the lobbying regarding the wider use of street furniture, we were also successful in ensuring the relevant licence fee is waived for 2020. We also supported where appropriate the utilisation of streets for expanded business usage, and successfully requested the abolition of plans for one-way street systems for pedestrians.



Following various requests from members across the city and concerns for safety on our streets, we utilised our ongoing strategic partnership with An Garda Síochána and obtained a designated Cork City Garda Task Force to provide additional security for existing and returning businesses and their customers. 

Promotion of your business

As you are probably aware we have also commissioned, with the support of Cork City Council, a specific Cork City Shopping website to act as a free resource for businesses across Cork. We would ask you to ensure that you have been included – the designer has allowed for a form which is easy to complete and will ensure your inclusion. A full marketing campaign is currently running on this project and will continue to do so in the coming months. 

We look forward to working on your behalf for the coming year once again.  

Payment Plans

If are a member of the Cork Business Association you will receive an invoice form us for the membership fee in the following week. If you prefer to pay by direct debit on a Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly basis please contact the office and we will send you the required form.  If you prefer to pay in installments also please just contact us: info@corkbusiness.ie

Become a member!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cork Business Association we now offer different payment options. You can receive a yearly invoice, if you sign up now you will pay only for the rest of the year or pay via direct debit: yearly, quarterly,  monthly, whatever suits your needs.   See our Membership Fees & Form.