Leakage Reduction Programme Works Cork City, MacCurtain Street Update

Please note this update as we reach the end of the seventh week of Leakage Reduction Programme works on MacCurtain Street, here is some feedback  we have received on the progress of the project.
The temporary traffic management arrangements have allowed the contractors, Coffey Northumbrian Ltd., to progress on schedule on the south side of the street. Road users who were initially apprehensive about using the bus lane have become accustomed to the new arrangement and traffic is now moving well. A Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. employee is manning the lane in order to facilitate the flow and aid with set downs or deliveries.
The installation of the new water main has progressed thus far without any major issues. The excavation works did unearth two leaks in the existing main, exhibiting the importance of the works in improving water quality, security of supply and reduction of leakage.  These leaks were repaired allowing the old main to continue functioning until the completed upgrades are commissioned. These leaks were being temporarily contained by the pressure exerted by surrounding material. However this would have given way over time leading to major leaks and disruption to water supply in the area. In the case of any unforeseen changes to the current programme of works you will notified as soon as possible.
The works have now reached the far end of MacCurtain Street and the junction with Summerhill North and the Lower Glanmire Road. The routing of the water main on the Lower Glanmire Road, which the new water main on MacCurtain Street must meet, requires a crossing of this junction from the south side of MacCurtain Street to the north side of the Lower Glanmire Road. To facilitate this crossing, night works will be undertaken under permission granted by Cork City Council and An Garda Síochána.
A stop go system will be put in place from 20.00 to 06.00 from Monday 25th February to Wednesday 27th February and 22.00 – 06.00 on Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March. This system will be monitored and re-assessed on a continual basis. The crossing works planned should be completed within this timeframe. Daytime work on this junction would severely impact traffic flow and therefore night works will have the least impact when crossing the junction and connecting at this complex service juncture. This will ensure we can have business as normal as access into and out of the city will not be interrupted during the day.
The construction works related to the new Harleys Street Bridge between St. Patricks and Merchants Quays require a 6 week road closure of Harleys Street. We have secured access during this closure to install the new water main on the street. This prevents the need for any further road closure on Harleys Street to enable our works. The water mains renewal works on this Street began on Thursday 21st February and estimated to take approximately one week.
Works on York Hill have progressed as expected this week. The laying of the new water main is expected to be complete by Monday 25th and the road closure lifted by the following morning. Service connections are then required to be undertaken at this location but this will not require a road closure. A work crew will therefore still be visible on York Hill.

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