Invite to discuss opposition to the permanent removal 115 of parking spaces – Morrison’s Island Flood Defence Plan

As you know there is a proposal by Cork City Council to commence the first phase of the city's Flood Defence Project in Morrison's Island and as part of these works there is also a significant Public Realm upgrade planned. Details of this scheme are attached below and please note the final date for submissions is now April 12th.

For the past twenty years or more the CBA has been calling for the installation of flood defences in the city. Cork now has committed funding from central government of €140million for these works to commence.

Anyone who knows Cork city will know that in a flooding event Morrison's Island is one of the first locations in the city to flood, the flood water then proceeds onto the South Mall and down Pembroke Street; Morgan Street; Cook Street; Marlboro Street; Princes Street towards Oliver Plunkett Street. If the threat of flooding can be controlled at Morrison's Island then a significant proportion of the city centre can be protected.

However whilst the CBA fully supports the Flood Defence Project for Morrison's Island we have a serious concern with a specific aspect of the Public Realm proposal for the area. That is the permanent removal of over one hundred and fifteen parking spaces along Morrison's Quay & Father Mathew Quay. This the biggest proposed loss of parking spaces certainly in recent times and will unquestionably have a negative impact on business in the city.

If we take an average that each parking space turns over 4 times a day this gives us 460 by 6 days = 2760 per week = 143520 per year.

To discuss this in more detail and to ensure all businesses are aware of these developments we are holding an information evening in the Imperial Hotel at 6 pm on Wednesday April 4th. We are asking as many members to attend as possible as these parking changes will effect your business. We need City Council to fully comprehend the depth of concern amongst businesses regarding these changes. There must be an alternative to the parking aspect of this proposal which, if introduced as currently planned, will have a serious negative economic impact on a wide range businesses Retail, Professional Services, Hospitality etc.

We have invited representatives from Cork City Council to attend from the Roads and Environment sections who have direct responsibility for this area.

Venue: Imperial Hotel

Date: Wednesday 04th April

Time: 6pm

Please confirm your attendance by return email to

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!