Cork Business Organisations Call on Government to Fund Transformative Cork Events Centre

Cork Business Organisations Call on Government to Fund Transformative Cork Events Centre

In a powerful demonstration of unity and vision for the future of Cork, all major business organisations across the city region have come together to urge government to approve the funding to enable the development of the Cork Events Centre. With a final decision expected in the coming weeks, this coalition of influential groups highlights the transformative potential of the project for the local economy and community.


The Cork Business Association (CBA), the Cork branch of the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF), Cork Chamber of Commerce, the Vintners Federation (VFI) in Cork, and the Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) have collectively issued the following joint statement:

“The Cork Events Centre will not only sustain and create thousands of jobs, but it will also stimulate significant economic activity, attract investment, and draw visitors to our city region, leading to the regeneration of Ireland’s second city. A piece of cultural infrastructure of this scale, with a capacity of 6,000 seats, and which can attract an annual attendance of around 500,000 people will be game-changing, not just for Cork, but for Ireland. We estimate that 800 jobs in the hospitality sector alone will be created and sustained. It will also allow other businesses to expand and new ones to open. The city will be transformed.


Major private sector investment is being put forward by a world leading live entertainment company, Live Nation. The return on investment to the national exchequer would be rapid and significant, with estimates suggesting all costs would be recouped during construction phase and within 5 years, making the case for government to approve the funding to enable the development of the Cork Events Centre.”


The proposed Cork Events Centre is set to be a landmark cultural hub, which will significantly boost tourism, foster and sustain local business growth, give opportunities for the cultural sector in Cork, and enhance Cork’s status as a leading destination for arts and entertainment. The business groups emphasise that the centre will be a pivotal factor in economic development and enhancing the urban landscape, creating a vibrant cultural quarter and generating a ripple effect of prosperity throughout the city and surrounding counties.


The Cork Events Centre is projected to generate substantial economic benefits for our country. The anticipated influx of visitors and investment will revitalize local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to retail and entertainment sectors. The creation of hundreds of jobs during construction and ongoing operations will provide much-needed employment opportunities for residents, further strengthening the local economy.


Beyond its economic impact, the Cork Events Centre is poised to become a cultural beacon for the city, hosting a diverse range of events and performances. This will enrich the cultural fabric of Cork, providing residents and visitors with access to world-class entertainment and fostering a vibrant community spirit. It will also copper-fasten Cork’s status as one of Europe’s most appealing second cities and a strategic counterweight to Dublin.


The coalition of Cork’s business organisations is steadfast in their belief that the Cork Events Centre is a critical investment in the city’s future. They urge government to recognise the immense potential of the project and to make a decision that will benefit Cork and Ireland for generations to come.

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