Cork 2030 – towards a Climate-Neutral city

Cork 2030 – towards a Climate-Neutral city

Cork Business Association (CBA) is hosting an important event for businesses in February on the major transformation needed in Cork City for it to accelerate its journey to climate neutrality in the next five years.   The event will take place at the Clayton Hotel Cork City on Wednesday the 21st February from 7.30am-9.00am.

Cork City has been selected, as part of the EU 100 Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities Mission,  to seek to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

This event aims to educate and engage CBA members and the wider business community, providing insights on how the journey towards climate neutrality will impact their businesses and how they can support this objective. Attendees will gain valuable information on what steps are necessary to achieve this goal, what supports are available and what some businesses are doing to make their businesses more sustainable.

Commenting, Clara O’Neill, Chair of the CBA’s Cork City 2030 committee and owner of Total Planning Solutions, said, “This is an exciting but ambitious target and leaves just 5 years for major transformation to occur.

As Cork city embraces the challenge of becoming a climate-neutral city, it is imperative that our members are well-informed and actively involved in the transformation process. This event serves as a platform for understanding the impact on businesses, the necessary steps to be taken, and the supports available for this monumental endeavour.

“One aspect of the journey towards climate neutrality is that much of the existing building stock of the city (aside from new builds) will need to have deep energy retrofitting.  This will impact the majority of CBA members will be disruptive in the short term but will also be transformative and presents a huge opportunity.”

The CBA is inviting all businesses in the city centre to attend this event to learn how this transformation will affect your business, what needs to happen for it to be achieved, and what future financial supports will be available. 

CEO Cork City Council, Ann Doherty, will advise on the future plans and how they will support businesses during this period of transition.

We’ll also hear from further experts in Cork City, and businesses that have achieved success and leading the way driving sustainability, including –

  • Kieran Murphy, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Cork Area from Irish Rail
  • Ger Kiely from The Old Oak, who are self-generating a significant proportion of its energy needs through almost 100 solar panels on its roof
  • The oldest hotel in Cork, The Imperial Hotel, who just picked up Visit Cork’s Green Award. Deputy Manager, Jonathan Wallace, will explain what they have done to achieve this accolade

The CBA’s ‘Cork 2030 – towards a zero net carbon city’ is free to attend.  To register, see

Sponsored by Cork City Council, who are responsible for the EU 100 Mission Cities initiative, and Wiser Bins, who are leading the way in Recycling , Recovery & Sustainability.

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