CBA Networking Seminar


How to Recruit and Retain Staff within the Current Work Safely Protocols


Building a team that works well together and takes your business to new heights takes time and quite a lot of planning. Of course, success doesn’t happen overnight, but when things begin to go well, you’ll want to keep your team together.

Attracting great employees and keeping hold of them requires you to think outside the box. That’s especially true at present, with many employees looking to work a flexible arrangement for good. And if they do return to the workplace, even on a phased basis, they may end up moving on unless they can see that your workplace adheres to the latest Work Safely Protocol measures.

To give you the tools to attract and retain employees, CBA and Peninsula are co-hosting a free seminar on November 19th between 7:45 – 9:30 a.m. in the Clayton Hotel, Lapps Quay, Co. Cork.

What you will learn:

  • Expert recruitment tips
  • Retention: How to retain great staff
  • In-depth update on the latest Work Safely Protocol
  • How to maintain a happy workplace

And much more…

Time will also be set aside at the end of this seminar for a Q&A session. This seminar is specifically designed for business owners, HR personnel, and senior management, so demand is going to be high.

We invite you to join us for this important seminar and to reconnect with fellow CBA members, executives and associates. Demand for this important seminar is expected to be high and places are limited, so reserve your seat today!


Due to the current phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, attendees will be required to produce a Covid-19 certificate to access the seminar. In addition, we request that attendees wear a face covering during the event and adhere to social distancing guidelines.