Cork City Retailers become Sensory Shopping Friendly

The Cork Business Association is delighted to that many of Cork City's retailers will now provide one hour of Sensory Shopping every week. This will be the first hour of trade on Sundays.

A Sensory Shopping Friendly Environment means that the stores involved will not play music, the lights will be safely dimmed, no tills are ringing and shelves will not be packed during this hour. 


Participating Shops

Debenhams, Brown Thomas, Merchants Quay Shopping Centre, Penneys, Vibes & Scribes, Fitzgeralds Menswear, Casey’s Furniture, Diana O'Mahony Jewellers. Participating stores on Opera Lane are H&M, Topshop, Skechers and SpecSavers. Marks & Spencer, who has led the way in providing a Sensory Shopping Friendly Hour will now be joined by these and we hope many more businesses in the coming weeks.


Commenting Lawrence Owens Chief Executive of the Cork Business Association said:
“We are delighted to support this practical and worthwhile initiative. The response from businesses has been really positive and our objective is to grow and expand the provision of Sensory Shopping Friendly throughout the city."

Commenting Ray O'Callaghan, General Manager of Marks & Spencer’s said:
“This has become a very important hour for some of our customers. Some of them never shop anywhere else but here, during the Sensory Shopping Friendly Hour. This is the right thing to do.”


Not only for people with autism

Many people are sensory sensitive such as those with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome. But a Sensory Friendly Shopping Environment can also be very pleasant for the elderly or those who suffer from mental health issues and many more.

The Cork Business Association believes this is a great step towards making Cork City more family-friendly and more inclusive. It extends the Customer Service Charter. Because now not only do we strive to provide the best customer service, but also a more pleasant shopping experience for all people who visit and shop in Cork.

CBA Welcomes the Announcement that there will be Additional Gardaí allocated to the city for the Christmas period

Cork city has been allocated 32 Probationer Gardaí to assist in policing during the busy Christmas period.



The Cork Business Association welcomes the announcement that there will be additional Gardaí on the streets of Cork during the busy Christmas and Ney Year periods. The CBA has been lobbying on behalf of its members for this development for some considerable time. The fact that we will now have a demonstrably visible Gardaí presence on the cities streets will be of great comfort to both the business community and the general public. Whilst we note that these numbers are specifically for the Christmas period. Another positive development is that from January 2, 2020, eight of these probationers will be permanently allocated to Anglesea Street and Mayfield Garda Stations.

Speaking at Anglesea Street Garda Station today, Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said:

"I am delighted to welcome the 32 Probationer Gardaí who have been temporarily assigned to assist in our Christmas management plan this year.

"I am also delighted that eight of these probationers will then be permanently allocated to Anglesea Street and Mayfield Garda Station.

"The 32 probationers will be deployed to assist our Gardaí in the city at keys times that have been identified by the Garda Analysis Services.

"Our aim is proving high viability policing to tackle thefts, drugs, public order incidents and to help the flow of traffic in the city."

The Chief Superintendent continued to add that additional checkpoints will be established over the Christmas season:

"The Probationer Gardaí will be in addition to the regular members that policing the city, as well as an additional one Sergeant and four Gardaí who will be patrolling the city centre.

"Members from our Roads Policing Unit will also be increasing checkpoints targeting drink and drug driving and other general road offences.

"The flow of traffic will increase in the city and I would ask that where possible, people avail of public transport and use the park and ride facility we have here in Cork.

"Have a plan in place if you are going out socialising and most importantly, have a safe and happy Christmas."

The additional Gardaí follows calls from many for Gardaí to have more of a visible presence on the street to deter acts of theft and violence.

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