‘You are the Difference’ with Alf Dunbar spreads positivity!

The Cork Business Association would like to thank Joan Lucey, owner of Vibes & Scribes and member of the CBA Executive Board, Penneys store manager John McCarthy and Paul McGuirk, head of Local Enterprise Office Cork City for organising the superb customer service coaching event last wednesday in the Everyman Theatre.

The presentation was very informative, entertaining and inspirational. Cork business owners, managers and staff showed up in great numbers as the Everyman was nearly sold out. We have received nothing but positive feedback since!

This event was held in the context the Cork City Customer Service Charter and aims to build on Cork’s goal to become known as a city of excellent customer service.

Alf, who has successfully worked with businesses and organisations in 25 countries around the world, aims to inspire retail and hospitality managers and staff to become ‘best in class’ in their industry. He will also provide those attending with the tools to train their teams and deliver consistent excellent customer service using simple effective techniques

It is another big step towards making Cork City the best in Customer Service and the best place to enjoy shopping.



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