Striking The Right Balance

Lawrence Owens commenting for the Cork City of Change supplement published in support of our newly expanded city. 


“A new expanding Cork is emerging that is more culturally diverse, more confident in its own skin as a mid sized European city driving the economy of the Southern region. The framework for Cork’s future development is currently being constructed within project Ireland 2040 and more recently with the publication of the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Study (CMATS).

We now have a unique opportunity to shape that future and work collectively with all stakeholders to fast track where practicable key elements of these proposals.

But with this opportunity comes the responsibility to preserve our heritage that makes us what we are. We need to design a vibrant, accessible and living city that works for all.”

“Many diverse factors must be actively considered and included in this design process such as climate change and its impact. Essentially there is an onus on us to get it right by learning from the best international comparisons and by so doing deliver a sustainable development, embracing the economic, social and environmental spheres.

It is essential that the maintenance of the city centre as a vibrant, thriving location for retail, hospitality and other business remains a core principle that informs the strategies that will shape Cork’s development. The city centre has been a favoured destination for generations of Corkonians. It attracts shoppers and visitors, it is a centre for events and cultural activity and gives the city colour and energy. We must be careful to ensure that the wonderful retail offer of international and traditional businesses which the city centre has, can continue to make its distinctive contribution to Cork in the future.”