Lidl and Tesco bring in priority shopping times for elderly.

Lidl and Tesco are implementing priority shopping hours for the elderly due to the coronavirus.

The German supermarket is prioritising older shoppers at stores nationwide from 9 am until 11 am every day from now on.

They will be able to avail of prioritised queuing and additional assistance during this time.

Lidl is asking that others allow more vulnerable customers to pick up the food and supplies they need during this time.

Meanwhile, Tesco is offering over 65-year-olds and family carers a dedicated time for them to do their shopping.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting this Wednesday, March 18, these customers will have dedicated access to all Tesco stores up to 9 am. Tesco stores open at 7 am or 8 am, every morning, depending on location.

Rember follow the advice of the HSE and remember to Wash Your Hands

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