How to get better insurance premiums and when to fight claims

A Cork Business Association sponsored event addressing
the insurance crisis affecting SMEs

Businesses in the retail, hospitality, tourism and events sectors are facing significant challenges in procuring sustainable insurance premiums. Some are facing closure due to insurance issues. Industry representative bodies are working hard to bring about change through extensive lobbying of government and through the media, however, SMEs affected by these issues need to take action in their own businesses now.

The Cork Business Association is hosting an insurance event for businesses in Cork city on 17 September at 5.30pm in the Metropole Hotel with a number of industry experts.  Those attending will get advice on how to get better insurance premiums and when to fight claims.

Peter Boland heads up the lobby group Alliance for Insurance Reform which enjoys a very broad base involving over 35,000 members seriously concerned about the insurance crisis in Ireland, who are immensely frustrated at the slow pace of reform. Peter will discuss the insurance crisis, the impact for retailers and the hospitality trade, and what they are doing to bring about insurance reform.

Bill Cremin, MD of Cool Running Events Ltd., who runs (including Cork on Ice) and is a partner of The Nightmare Realm, will give insights into insurance for festivals and events.  Bill’s company deals with claims every year. Despite this they manage to maintain sustainable insurance cover for their business.  Bill will provide insight about how his company manages risk and continues to thrive in a challenging insurance environment.

Brendan O Connell, Partner at Ronan Daly Jermyn, acts for some of Ireland’s leading retailers and he will provide insight on strategies to employ in determining when a case is worthwhile defending/settling.

Lawrence Owens, Chief Executive of the CBA, will speak about Cork's proposed Flood Defences and their effect on the availability of flood insurance for businesses in the city.

The takeaways for attendees will be among the following;

  • Learn about the insurance crisis in Ireland and how you can lobby.
  • Insights on how to manages claims to ensure sustainable renewal premiums in risky business
  • Practical advice on how to identify and manage risk in your business.
  • How to position your business to secure sustainable insurance premiums.
  • Flood Defences for Cork and how they may impact on the availability of flood insurance


Date:  Tuesday 17th Sept

Time:  Registration from 5.30pm, Presentations from 6-7.30pm, followed by a Q&A.

Venue:  The Metropole Hotel Cork

Cost:  FREE