Cork’s longest running business association and the Irish Management Institute partner to “equip leaders to build the future” in Cork.

The Cork Business Association (CBA) are partnering with the Irish Management Institute (IMI) to continue their mission to support businesses of all sizes in Cork. Through sharing the latest information on upcoming executive development programmes running in Cork, the CBA will provide its members access to world-class professional development.


Founded by business leaders for business leaders, the Irish Management Institute (IMI) has been empowering world-class executives for over sixty years. This year, IMI was officially ranked as one of the top 50 executive education institutes in the world by the Financial Times.


IMI and University College Cork merged in 2016, allowing them access to UCC’s expert research faculty and an international network of thought leaders. IMI’s globally-ranked executive development will challenge, support and inspire Cork business people to unlock their potential and fulfil their ambition.


The IMI can provide access to high-impact short programmes in Cork for developing owners, managers & senior leaders, as well as access to their own in-depth professional diploma programmes that can be completed as part of a flexible development journey to achieving a master’s qualification.


Partnering with the CBA, the IMI and CBA will work together to share information on these programmes with the CBA members, and hopefully further afield.


One of IMI’s signature strengths is in designing programmes that meet the needs of a sector or individual business – they are the only Irish provider globally ranked for their custom programmes – and this is something both the IMI and CBA look forward to exploring together.


Speaking of this new partnership, Ciara Kissane, IMI’s Business Development Manager for the Munster region, said,

“IMI are delighted with the partnership with Cork Business Association.  We are committed to supporting individuals, organisations and industry as a whole and we see this partnership with the CBA as instrumental in engaging with and supporting local businesses in Cork.”


IMI works with a range of businesses, from multinationals to SMEs, and all their programmes work within the context of the individual participant; the programmes are designed to have real impacts on that person’s organisation. The values of both the CBA and IMI are very similarly aligned – both organisations deal with members on an individual level and work alongside their members on their journey of development and growth.


In 2019 the CBA has actively worked on creating events and workshops for its members that are both relevant and accessible, as well as providing networking opportunities for a broad range of industry sectors.


The IMI offers a membership community for businesses to connect under the banner of learning and development. Their membership events attract global expert speakers and are fantastic as networking and learning opportunities for organisations that don’t typically have regular access to these types of events.


The CBA are extremely keen to work closely with the IMI to provide its members in the Cork region with the highest level of speakers and panellists that will both educate and inspire attendees to propel their business forward through their own personal development.


The conversation has already been started and the IMI plans to partner with the CBA in bringing best practice & latest trends in leadership development to their members via a bespoke event later this year.


“This partnership between the CBA and the IMI allows for the creation and nurturing of an active community for business professionals in Cork. The IMI’s mission and passion, “to equip leaders to build the future”, is a statement we in the CBA wholeheartedly admire and firmly believe the IMI delivers on. It’s the CBA’s goal to now take full advantage of this progressive partnership with the IMI and work together towards ensuring Cork has the highest level of business professionals in the country.”

quoted Lawrence Owens, Chief Executive of the Cork Business Association.