CBA urges members to vote with purpose in upcoming elections

CBA urges members to vote with purpose in upcoming elections

As the upcoming local and European elections approach, Cork Business Association (CBA) is calling on its members and the broader business community in Cork City to vote for candidates who will champion the needs of the business community and city.


Aaron Mansworth, President of Cork Business Association, said, “The CBA is fully conscious of the many challenges that the electorate faces from both a social and economic perspective.  As a business representative organisation, our message to our members and the broader business community is to consider candidates who will help address the pressing issues that affect our city and our business environment.  We need our elected representatives to support policies to advance our business community, drive economic growth, and enhance the overall quality of life in Cork.”


The CBA encourages our members to consider candidates who will:

  1. Address the day-to-day challenges our city faces, including maintaining public safety and cleanliness.
  2. Help enhance Cork’s appeal as a top tourist destination by supporting cultural events, the Cork Events Centre, and improved amenities.
  3. Understand the business landscape in Ireland and the challenges of operating a business in our city, someone who will advocate for policies that ease these burdens.
  4. Promote business growth by implementing strategies to attract and retain a skilled workforce and promote initiatives that support employers and employee well-being.
  5. Help drive foreign direct investment and create a liveable city by addressing the current building stock vacancy and supporting essential infrastructure improvements, technological advancements, sustainable urban development.

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