Upskilling Opportunities for a Digital Transformation

All CBA Members invited!

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified requirements for digital transformation and an urgent need for businesses everywhere to adapt and focus on technology as a major business driver. In the current situation, remote working and digital skills as well as automation are an increasing necessity.

A lack of digital skills and misaligned talent plans could jeopardize a company’s success. In order to tackle this risk, university-industry collaborations are key components of a regional innovation plan to help companies, in particular SMEs to address this issue. In order to showcase selected collaborations that support and boost the development of digital skills in different business areas, the Cork Smart Gateway kindly invites you to its next webinar on “Upskilling Opportunities for a Digital Transformation” on the 21st of January at 9am.

Register here

It@Cork will present its own learning network that supports SMEs in the South West region. Additionally, Microsoft will introduce its LEARN Platform, a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products and more; and as Academia representatives the webinar includes speakers from Tyndall National Institute and the Nimbus Research Centre who are involved in European projects that promote and support companies on how to best exploit technologies in their new products and applications.

Event Programme

09.00am - 10:00am – Speakers

  • Ciodhna O’Callaghan, UCC (moderator)
  • Anthony O’Callaghan, it@Cork
  • Lurlene Duggan, Microsoft
  • Dr. Peter O’Brien, Tyndall National Institute
  • Dr. Kieran Delaney, Nimbus Research Centre

10.00am - 10:30am Q&A Session

Interactive session between audience and speakers supported by Cliodhna, as our moderator.

Update on Covid 19 Subsidies – EWSS/CRSS

by Dave O'Brien

We were hoping we wouldn’t have to start the year with an update on the CRSS (Covid Restrictions Support Scheme) and EWSS (Wage Subsidy Scheme) on the basis that fewer and fewer businesses would be claiming it. Unfortunately that is not the case and what we are seeing are companies going back on the schemes and actually forgetting how they work in practice.

The start of 2021 has been bleak for businesses and the country as a whole. The sight of the vaccine though needs to keep us going and we are hoping that the 3rd wave is in fact the last wave and we can eventually move on with normal living.

Luke O’Neill made the comment suggesting that if you thought the outlook was bleak now imagine what it would look like if there was no vaccine in sight! So let’s try and stay positive (and stick together) for another couple of months and by spring time we should all be seeing the light.


Main Schemes Available

The two most important schemes available to employers and businesses across the county is the CRSS and EWSS. This note aims to give you a flavour of those schemes for people who need reminding and lets you know of any updates associated with them. We have also included an update on Revenue warehousing of tax liabilities.

Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme – EWSS

Below is a synopsis of the scheme but for those in the know the main recent changes are as follows:

  • The increased rates that were due to expire on 31 January are extended to 31 March
  • In order to qualify you must project that your January to June income for 2021 will be 30% down on the same period in 2019.

The scheme works by giving an employer a flat rate subsidy based on the number of employees on the payroll and their gross weekly wage that’s being paid to them. The current rates are as follows:


Employee Gross Wage   Subsidy Payable

Less than  €151.50                            Nil

From  €151.50 to €202.99              €203

From  €203 to €299.99                    €250

From  €300 to €399.99                   €300

From  €400 to €1,462                       €350

More than  €1,462                              Nil


  • Employers PRSI will be 0.5% on the wages paid to each eligible employee
  • The subsidy will be paid to the employer around 2 business days after the payroll submission. This is a lot quicker than previously where payment was made 14 days after the payroll month.


Employer Eligibility

In the main its quite simple. If your business expects to experience a 30% reduction in turnover or customer orders between 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021 compared to the same period in 2019 then you qualify. The 6 month period is looked at as whole rather than month by month. Revenue state that you need review the position each month to see if the 6 month projections still merits your inclusion in the scheme.


If you believe that you may qualify for the scheme based on a projected 30% decline in turnover or customer orders then apply for it. On a month to month basis review your projections. If at any given period you realise that you will not be 30% down over the 6 months then come off the scheme – but only come off the scheme when you are 100% positive that you will not meet the 30% reduction in turnover.


For businesses who have not been on the scheme since the original incarnation of it back in March 2020 we can confirm that employer cash reserves are ignored for the purposes of qualifying for this scheme. Thankfully, we do not need to be concerned about whether employees were on the payroll in February of 2020 or what their average gross or net salary was for the first 8 weeks (or was it 9!) of the year……so in laymans terms the EWSS is an awful lot more straight forward than the original TWSS version.


Other Points to note

  • A tax clearance certificate is required in order to register


  • Proprietary Directors (company owners) will qualify as long as they previously were on the payroll at any period between July 2019 and June 2020


  • Family members will also qualify for the scheme as long as they were on the payroll for any period between July 2019 and June 2020


  • Registration is relatively straight forward. You just apply on ROS via MyEnquiries. Note though that applications cannot be backdated and registrations will only be processed if the company has a tax clearance certificate.


  • The EWSS is taxable in the hands of the employer but is not to be included in the projections for turnover. However any grant aid or state funding will need to be included as turnover when looking at your projections.


TWSS/PUP update on additional tax liabilities

The timing may not be appropriate but we are expecting Revenue to issue notices (this week) to all employees who availed of the PUP and TWSS (original EWSS) to outline what tax is payable and how they can go about paying this. Expect to hear more in the media about this in the coming week.

Employers can make these payments on behalf of staff without incurring a BIK charge. Some employers will be able to afford this but many, some of whom are currently closed, will not.

One could argue that now is not the time to send these “bills” out to employees, many of whom are finding themselves out of a job again. The counter argument is that the tax is due and the country needs to start clawing it back somehow.

Lets see how this plays out.


Covid Restrictions Support Scheme – CRSS

In brief this was a support mechanism announced at Budget time in October which supported businesses (by giving cash payments) who have suffered significant Covid 19 restrictions. The scheme is in addition to the Employer Wage Subsidy Scheme. It is available for all businesses who have suffered customer restrictions due to the country moving to level 3, 4 or 5 of the Plan for Living with Covid 19. The relief will operate as a weekly cash payment to the business.

For an initial review of the scheme please click here (20th  of October Article) or for a more detailed review of who can qualify click here (4th of November Article)


Basic Overview

Businesses who trade from a permanent location and who are restricted from allowing customers on to their premises will be entitled to the CRSS payment for the duration of this lockdown as long as their income is down 75% compared to the average 2019 income for the same number of weeks.  The maximum weekly payment is €5,000. The payment is worked out by calculating your average weekly payment over the full 2019 year and you are allowed to claim 10% of the first €20,000 average weekly 2019 payment and 5% of anything above that – subject to a weekly maximum of €5,000 cash payment.

If your 2019 turnover was €2m then the average weekly turnover for 2019 was €38k. You can claim 10% of the first €20,000 (so €2k) and 5% of the remaining €18k (so €900). Therefore the total due to the business per week would be €2,900. This is payable in cash up to the 31st of January and should be extended if the current lockdown is extended.


Double Week payment

For businesses who were subject to restrictions from 31 December 2020, such as non-essential retail shops, they will be entitled to a double payment for the week beginning 28 December and the week beginning 4 January 2021. For businesses subject to restrictions from 24 December they will be entitled to a double week payment for 3 weeks starting from 21 December.

Note that the maximum a business can claim in any one week is €5,000. Therefore if a business is already claiming the €5,000 then no further claim can be made. If a business has a claim in for €4,000 then their claim for a double week will increase to €5,000. For businesses with a claim for €2,500 or less then their claim will be doubled for each “double week”.

You do not need to send a separate claim for this “double week”. Revenue will automatically adjust the claim when a business makes the normal claim for these weeks.


Restart Payment

Prior to the recent lockdown the government allowed an extra week claim for those businesses who were going to open in December. This was before the most recent lockdown was even thought of. Revenue will still allow this restart claim if businesses were open for 1 week before the most recent restrictions were implemented. For instance if a restaurant opened on 1 December and didn’t close until 24 December then they will be entitled to the restart week and will also be entitled to the double weeks as outlined above. The restart week needs to be claimed separately through ROS. As with the double week payments, a business is still limited to a maximum of €5,000 in any one week.


Time Limit

A business has 8 weeks in order to make a claim for a period. The 8 weeks starts at the beginning of the claim period. For instance a restaurants most recent claim period began on 24 December so they have 8 weeks to make the claim. Revenue are being very strict on this so keep an eye out for it.


Warehousing of Tax liabilities - 2020/2021

This is where Revenue allowed for the deferral of VAT and PAYE for the period where the business was restricted from trading. The taxes have been deferred for 12 months from 2 months after the restrictions are lifted. If restrictions were originally lifted in June 2020 then the liabilities are due in September 2021 with no interest or penalties charged. If businesses do not have the cash to pay these liabilities at this point then they can enter into an instalment arrangement with Revenue with a competitive 3% interest rate. Note for every period where a business enters into restrictions then they can warehouse the taxes for this period. For instance if the restaurant closes on December 24th 2020 then they can warehouse the PAYE and VAT up to at least 31 March 2021 (on the assumption that the restrictions end on 31 January 2021). This means the tax liabilities would not be due until March 2022.


At this point we must stress that Quintas are here to help with any businesses who need us. We have been working closely with our clients and connections throughout 2020 and we will be here to get you through the next few months and beyond.

Thank you.


Dave O'Brien

Tax Partner - Quintas




Go to for more information

Crime Prevention Advice from An Garda Siochana

COVID 19 -Crime Prevention Advice on Vacant Retail Premises

  • Ensure all entrance points to the building are protected with the best security solution, locks and bolts. If there are roller shutters, ancillary locking devices such as Shutter Locking Ram posts or Ground Locks should be used.
  • We would advise the removal and banking of cash from premises for businesses closing for extended periods. If you are keeping cash on site ensure your cash-safe is insurance rated for the appropriate amount.
  •  Limit the amount of cash stored on the premises or in ATM’s.
  • Consideration should be given to building a strong room/ Cash Office, where the safe, intruder panel & CCTV Recorder should be located.
  • Use lighting to draw attention and deter criminals from approaching entrances.
  • Routinely check the perimeter of your premises and inform Gardaí by telephone if you notice anything suspicious.
  • To allow for an appropriate response to a breach of security ensure that your alarm system is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Periodically test your premises alarm system with your Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • You must only employ the services of a Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed alarm company to install and maintain electronic security systems, ensuring that the intruder alarm system is serviced at least twice a year.
  • Dual path intruder alarm signaling should be employed and connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre via, IP, GSM (Grade 3 or 4) or Radio backup.
  • Ensure that your alarm has adequate coverage, particularly in voids above ceilings, where Point to Point beams may be employed.
  • Vulnerable areas such as Cash Offices and where the intruder panel is located should have secondary devices to ensure a verified alarm is received by the monitoring centre.
  • If possible, install CCTV cameras which can be remotely monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre and allow for the appropriate response should an incident occur.
  • Leave tills empty and open when not in use.
  • If CCTV is in use, ensure that signage is in place and complies with the requirements of GDPR.
  • Look for Garda assistance when attending to an alarm and consider employing the services of a Professional, Licensed Key-Holding Company.

COVID 19 - Businesses still operating

Our main concern here is potential increased cash volume and staff safety.

  • We would ask you to ensure strict till limits are adhered to.
  • Regular cash drops are made.
  • If possible the use of CIT solutions be considered to remove higher than normal cash.
  • Ensure time locked safes are used
  • Ensure PAB are working
  • Ensure opening and closing procedure are followed and any suspicious behaviour is reported to An Garda Síochána immediately.
  • Ensure cash rooms are secured and door access controlled and monitored either physically or electronically.
  • Routinely check the perimeter of your premises and inform Gardaí by telephone if you notice anything suspicious
  • To allow for an appropriate response to a breach of security ensure that your alarm system is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Periodically test your premises alarm system with your Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • You must only employ the services of a Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed alarm company to install and maintain electronic security systems, ensuring that the intruder alarm system is serviced at least twice a year.
  • Dual path intruder alarm signaling should be employed and connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre via, IP, GSM (Grade 3 or 4) or Radio backup.
  • Ensure that your alarm has adequate coverage, particularly in voids above ceilings, where Point to Point beams may be employed.
  • Vulnerable areas such as Cash Offices and where the intruder panel is located should have secondary devices to ensure a verified alarm is received by the monitoring centre
  • If possible, install CCTV cameras which can be remotely monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre and allow for the appropriate response should an incident occur.
  • Leave tills empty and open when not in use.
  • If CCTV is in use, ensure that signage is in place and complies with the requirements of GDPR.
  • Look for Garda assistance when attending to an alarm and consider employing the services of a Professional, Licensed Key-Holding Company.
  • Ensure HSE guidelines on social distancing are being adhered to

Please find attached link to the Fraud Smart initiative launched in October 2017 which is a Fraud Awareness Initiative by the Banking and Payments Federation. This is a good link for Business to give a snap shot of the different types of Fraud on the go in the current Climate.


Cork Business of the Year Awards: 10 days left to enter!

Cork Business of the Year Awards launch during extraordinary times

New Covid resilience and innovation award



President of the Cork Business Association Eoin O’Sullivan commented on the unique environment facing Cork businesses and the importance of recognition and uplift during these difficult times as he launched the 64th annual CBA Cork Business of the Year Awards.


The CBA Awards, which are run in partnership with sponsor JCD and Centra, event partner Peninsula, and media partner The Irish Examiner, recognise the outstanding contribution of businesses and individuals working diligently across varied sectors of business in Cork City.

There are 12 individual categories to choose from, including a new award this year for resilience and innovation during Covid19, in addition to the overall Cork Business of the Year Award winners for a medium and large business.  Each year a Champion of Cork is also recognised.


The awards are free to enter and nominations are now open online at The deadline for submission is midnight January 15th 2021.

Eoin O’Sullivan, President of the Cork Business Association and a Director of M&P O’Sullivan, said

The 64th iteration of the Cork Business of Year Awards comes at an extraordinary time in the history of our city, and of the world.  The Covid pandemic is probably the greatest challenge our business community has had to endure.  But it is a challenge that we, as a collective community, can rise from.  The business community of Cork has shown true solidarity and resilience over the last number of months which instils confidence for the future of our city post Covid19


With that in mind, I am delighted to launch the 2020 Cork Business of the Year Awards, which will hopefully recognise and uplift business owners who go above and beyond to ensure that Cork city is the best place to work and live.  It has never been more important to highlight businesses who are leading the way and setting precedents for others to aspire to


This year, in recognition of the times that we are in, we have also launched a new COVID Resilience and Innovation Award, sponsored by Fáilte Ireland, to showcase businesses who have pivoted and shown true resilience and adaptability


The 12 individual award categories for 2020 include:

  • Covid Resilience and Innovation, sponsored by Failte Ireland
    • Open to all businesses in Cork City who have pivoted their business or shown resilience and innovation since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic in March 2020.  Entrants will need to demonstrate what they have done to ensure business continuity or to set themselves apart.
  • Best New Business in Cork, sponsored by LEO Cork City
    • Open to all businesses that have been founded or are new to Cork since 1st January 2016. Entrants will be asked to explain their business and to demonstrate how they have translated a great idea into a viable and successful business venture. They will also be asked to outline their plans for the future.
  • Best Cork Family Business, sponsored by AIB
    • Open to all family owned and run businesses in the greater Cork city area. Your business must be managed by family members and you must be able to demonstrate the involvement of at least two generations of family members who are working in the business.
  • Best Cork Hotel, sponsored by M&P O Sullivan
    • The Best Hotel award acknowledges excellence in service and accommodation. Entrants will demonstrate high class, flawless service in a comfortable, quality establishment, while both meeting and exceeding guest expectations, and how they have helped to promote Cork as a destination nationally and internationally.
  • Best Cork Restaurant, sponsored by The English Market
    • The best Restaurant award acknowledges excellence in quality, service, price and ambiance. Entrants will demonstrate high standards in food quality, cost, efficiency, customer service, imagination, attention to detail, marketing and how well the establishment functions as a business.
  • Best Cork Café, sponsored by The English Market
  • The best Café award will recognise excellence in customer service, business innovation, premises ambiance and atmosphere. Entrants will demonstrate high standards in food quality, cost, efficiency, imagination, attention to detail, marketing and how they have raised the profile of their business in this ever increasingly competitive sector.
  • Best Cork VFI Pub, sponsored by Vintners Federation Cork
    • The award for Best Cork Pub will be awarded to the pub that, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates ‘best in class’ in the areas of innovation, creativity, ambiance, operational excellence and customer service.  Open to VFI Members only.
  • Best Cork Retail Business, sponsored by Cork City Council
    • The best Cork Retail Business will be awarded to the business that routinely strives for the highest standards across a number of key metrics such as customer service, value, visual merchandising, premises maintenance, marketing, and adaptability. High standards are particularly important given the very severe challenges currently facing Ireland’s retail industry. It is critical that the retail industry plays its part in consistently improving its offering to attract more customers, keep retail workers in jobs and simultaneously keep Cork city centre vibrant which in turn will re-engage citizens and customers alike.
  • Best Tourism Art Event, sponsored by IHF Cork
    • This award is designed to recognise and reward an organisation, attraction, business or event that has excelled in tourism, contributing to growing tourist numbers and /or the visitor experience in Cork.
  • Best Professional Services Business, sponsored by ETC PR & Marketing
    • This category is open to all businesses that provide a professional business service in the greater Cork city area. They include banking, legal, accounting, HR, recruitment, PR, marketing, architects, financial advisers, engineers, consultants, training providers, strategic advice etc. They can be any organisation or profession that offers customised, knowledge-based services to clients.  Entrants must be able to explain what their professional business service is and demonstrate their commitment to customer service excellence within their particular service provided.
  • Best Cork Digital Business,
  • This award will be presented to a company or organisation that can practically demonstrate how they have embraced the digital age and built their company around, or adapted their business strategy to adopt, a more future focused, digitally powered approach.

This category is open to all businesses, regardless of their stage in the business life-cycle.

  • Champion of Cork Award, sponsored by MTU
    • This award recognises a Corkonian whom the judges believe has made a real difference to Cork and its people, be it through driving business, their contribution to the arts, their charitable work, their efforts in developing our city or their passion and drive for promoting all things Cork.

The President’s Dinner and Cork Business of the Year Awards is always a highlight for local businesses.  In light of expected restrictions on social gatherings, the event will be presented virtually on Saturday 20th February.  This year there will be a fabulous dine at home gourmet twist where guests can collect a ‘President’s Taste of the City Hamper’, which will be filled with the best of local produce from some of Cork’s top chefs.  Further details on the event will be updated on the CBA website.

Last year the Cork Business Association recognised some notable achievements, with Casey’s Furniture and Cork English College being named the overall winner in the large category and medium category respectively.  Moss and Will Finn from Finn’s Corner picked up the much-coveted Champions of Cork award to great applause.


Eoin O Sullivan continued,

We very much look forward to receiving this year’s submissions and would like to encourage all businesses located within the greater Cork city area to consider entering these prestigious awards

The benefits of being part of the awards process
are many, including association with the awards, public recognition for your hard work, plus marketing and networking opportunities. We would also like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors, in particular our awards sponsors JCD and Centra, event partner Peninsula, and media partner The Irish Examiner


To enter the Cork Business of the Year Awards 2020, your business must be based in the greater Cork city area or be a current member of the Cork Business Association.


An experienced panel of leading business and civic leaders will provide independent judging and the shortlist will be announced for public vote on the last week of January. The judging panel includes the Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Joe Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney Head of Visit Cork, Centra, Alan Healy from the Irish Examiner, John Cleary from JCD, Tony Kerins from Peninsula, Paul McGuirk LEO Cork City and Eoin O Sullivan M&P O’Sullivan and President of the Cork Business Association.  Three businesses will be shortlisted in each category and the public will have the opportunity to vote for the winners.


For further information see


The Winners of the CBA Christmas Raffle

Congratulations to all the winners of the first CBA Christmas Raffle and a massive thank you to all the amazing Cork businesses who donated  prizes.
CBA Christmas Raffle image of Baubles
Sinead Dunphy won A Night at the Dean Cork (W363)
Vincent Bartley won €200 Voucher To Electric Cork (W215)
Ruairi Doran won A two-course meal for four in The MET at The Metropole Hotel Cork (W127)
Gerard McSweeney won a two-course meal for four in the New Yorker at Cork International Hotel (W301)
Jeanine Hovius won a Kinsale Red Earl Irish Whiskey Hamper (P716)
Isabel Jones won the Keanes Jewellers €200 Voucher (W250)
Seamus English won the Samui - €200 voucher (W121)
John O'Brien won the SAVILLE Menswear €200 voucher (W320)
Sinead Dunphy won the €200 Monreal Voucher (W367)
Isabel Jones Opera Lane - €200 Voucher (W252)
R Crowley A €200,- Voucher for Diana O’Mahony Jewellers (W147)
William Bulman Ballymaloe Christmas Hamper & €100,- Voucher for Ballymaloe House (W109)
All winners have been contacted. If we didn't reach you please get in touch at

What to do about unused annual leave?

What to do about unused annual leave - image of man lying on the the beach

Unused annual leave is a hot topic for many employers across Ireland at the moment. That’s because annual leave management during COVID-19 hasn’t been easy.

And now, as Christmas closes in, you may wonder how to treat employees who have annual leave not taken.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of your options.

Is there actually a build-up of unused annual leave entitlements?

Given the limited travel options this year, it’s highly likely that your staff may have unused annual leave.

Don’t forget however, that if you’ve had to lay staff off temporarily, those employees don’t accrue annual leave while they’re not working.

However, an employee may have completed 1,365 hours of work during the leave year, even if they were laid off. If that’s the case, they’re still entitled to four weeks’ paid annual leave.

Use the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997

The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 entitles all employees to 20 days’ paid annual leave during any given leave year.

Under Section 20 of the Act, employers have discretion to decide when their employees take their annual leave.

When doing so, it’s important to account for your business requirements and consider:

  • The need for the employee to reconcile work and any family responsibilities.
  • The opportunities for rest and recreation available to the employee.

If you’re relying on Section 20 to get employees to take their annual leave, consult with them at least one month before they take it.

Carryover of annual leave in Ireland

Annual leave carryover in Ireland can be a cloudy area for both employers and staff. Especially if your employment contracts don’t set out your business’s position.

Your employees may ask can they lose annual leave or request to carry forward annual leave. This is where you need a robust policy.

For instance, the contract might specify that your annual leave year runs from January to December. During your annual leave year (and especially this year) unused annual leave can build up. If this has happened, you must discuss with your employees how they can use their unused annual leave entitlements.

You may operate a policy that prohibits employees from carrying annual leave into the next leave year. If so, you need to ensure your staff receive their full four weeks of paid annual leave before the end of 2020.

Of course, you may be an employer who allows employees to carry unused annual leave into the next year. If you do, don’t forget to update your 2021 annual leave balances.

Need our help?

Worried about unused leave due to coronavirus? If you’re a Peninsula client, you can call our 24/7 helpline for instant, unlimited advice on how to manage unused annual leave.

Not a client? No problem.

You can still claim a free advice call with one of our HR experts today.

To speak to an expert and get the latest guidance on unused annual leave, call 1890 252 923.

CBA Christmas Raffle

Welcome to the Grand CBA Christmas raffle!

We have 12  fantastic prizes from the best Cork businesses!

1. A €200,- Voucher for ELECTRIC

2. A two-course meal for four in The MET at The Metropole Hotel Cork

3. A two-course meal for four in the NEW YORKER at Cork International Hotel

4. A €200,- Voucher for DIANA O'MAHONY Jewellers


7. A €200,- Voucher KEANES Jewellers €200 Voucher

8. SAMUI - €200,- voucher

9. SAVILLE  Menswear €200,- voucher

10. MONREAL €200,- Voucher

11. Opera Lane - €200,- Voucher

12.  Ballymaloe Christmas Hamper & a €100,- Voucher for Ballymaloe House

Go To to purchase tickets

€5,- per Ticket, 

5 Tickets for €20,-

MCCI awards over €5 million in funding to develop future technology solutions


Funding awarded for research into deep-tech microelectronic solutions such as beyond 5G wireless communications, implantable biomedical devices, IoT, space and satellite electronics, and sustainable electronics 

1 Dec 2020: Eight researchers working nationally with the Microelectronic Circuits Centre Ireland (MCCI) at Tyndall National Institute, one of Ireland’s highest performing Enterprise Ireland/IDA funded technology centres, will share over €5 million in funding to support their research into innovative future technology solutions in the area of microelectronics. 

These research projects will advance state of the art novel ideas in circuit design, enabling businesses in Ireland to lead the way in future IoT and sustainable electronics applications, 5G wireless communications, cryogenic circuits, wireless power, implantable medical devices and wearable healthcare, smart agriculture, quantum computing, space/satellite electronics, and automotive applications.

The objective is to advance industry relevant developing technologies for lower power, higher precision analogue and mixed signal interface circuits, and new hardware architectures, for emerging applications in sensors, communications, AI and quantum engineering.  This will have a knock-on impact on SME’s and semiconductor companies in Ireland looking to advance their technology.

Companies throughout the country partner with MCCI to access such novel concepts and state of the art research, so MCCI always has an industry focus at its core.

The call for high-impact industry relevant research proposals was launched in July and the response went beyond all expectations, to such an extent that it was 4 times oversubscribed.  

Donnacha O Riordan, Executive Director of MCCI, said the result is hugely encouraging and indicates the level of innovation and ideas that are generated within the microelectronics eco system in Ireland.  

Commenting on the funding awards, he said, “Congratulations to the researchers who have received funding today. The scope of the projects that have been funded will support industry growth by securing and scaling circuits R&D activity at our member companies in Ireland. By engaging our world-leading research leaders, we provide competitive advantage to microelectronics companies (SMEs and MNCs) located in Ireland. This ultimately leads to increases in employment, export revenue and the generation of future leaders in the sector”. 

The awardees are … 


PI  University  Research Pillar 
Bogdan Staszewski & Teerachot Siriburanon  UCD  High Speed Transceivers.
This project will support wide bandwidths of up to 2GHz at 28GHz carrier frequency so that it can be deployed in the 5G mobile transmitters, which will benefit the Irish communications industry. 
Daniel O'Hare  MCCI  Precision Circuits.
This technology will enable new applications in the areas such as environmental monitoring, Smart Agriculture, Connected Health and Industrial.
Deepu John & Barry Cardiff  UCD  Digital.
This project will develop energy efficient IoT sensors that can perform deep learning and pattern recognition at the edge of the network.  
Ivan O Connell  MCCI  Precision Circuits.
Two strands to this research, one to enable new applications in the areas such as Smart Agriculture, Connected Health and IoT, the second in Cryogenic circuits for Quantum Engineering and Space/Satellite electronics.
John Buckley  TNI  High Speed Transceivers 
This project addresses several research challenges associated with the design of Wirelessly Powered Implantable Medical Devices, that can monitor blood glucose level, blood pressure and neural activity recording as well as neural stimulation and drug delivery.
Peter Kennedy  UCD  High Speed Transceivers 
The aim is to develop novel modulators that will yield better spur performance, enabling the next generation of communications systems.
Seamus O'Driscoll  MCCI  Power Management 
This research will focus on innovative intelligent gate driver features to enhance, switching speed, efficiency and performance. Aiming to create the industry’s smallest transformer magnetic size.  This project will benefit companies in power systems, automotive, energy and power semiconductor devices.
Yizhe Hu & Bogdan Staszewski  UCD  High Speed Transceivers 
Focused on achieving better performance in phase noise and lower power consumptions.


All of the projects are focused on current and future industrial applications which are in sync with national strategies such as Innovation 2020, the National Development Plan 2018–2027 and Future Skills Needs 2017–2022. 



MCCI Key Figures 

€9M Total annual research funding  

90+ Researchers & Engineers supported across 6 RPOs 

50+ Research Projects 

22 Companies collaborating in research 

12Tier 1 Peer reviewed Publications 

19th IP License completed 

20:1ROI – Total impact or return to the economy, from EI Core grant 

63rd Researcher transferred to Industry 

In 2019, MCCI was recognised as one of the best performing centres in the Enterprise Ireland Technology Centre Programme


About MCCI  

Funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA, MCCI‘s mission is to deliver high impact research for the semiconductor industry and to generate high impact innovative technology. Hosted at Tyndall National Institute, with an annual research budget in excess of €9 million, MCCI has established itself as a single point of contact in Ireland for access to high-calibre academic research in the field of microelectronics. The centre’s vision is to be the number one microelectronic circuits’ research centre globally for industrial and academic collaboration by 2025. 


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Thank Cork It’s Christmas!

December 2020 – With December having flown around; it’s time to say Thank Cork It’s Christmas. After another challenging few weeks in an unprecedented year, it is heartening to see the city and country begin to re-open in time for the crucial Christmas period.

With collaboration and working together being the heart of Cork’s public response to Covid-19, Cork City Council is spearheading a ‘Thank Cork it’s Christmas’ campaign to increase awareness of the safety and unique experience available to those who wish to shop, eat, drink or visit our city.  will also be promoted for those who would rather ‘Shop Cork Online’ from the comfort of their own home while still supporting local. This year, above any other, it is crucial for us to give the gift of support, both to each other and to local businesses.

The ‘Cork City Shopping’ channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will highlight the city’s fantastic range of boutiques, high street stores and quirky shops.  They will also promote the array of cafes, bars, restaurants, cultural venues and events, which are all within walking distance of each other, making shopping in Cork City so unique! The ‘Cork City Shopping’ social media channels are available on Facebook (@corkcityshopping), Instagram (@corkcityshopping) and Twitter (@corkshopping).

And of course, as it’s Christmas and in line with public health guidelines, a Re-Imagined Glow will take place in the city in December with the much-loved Ferris wheel being set up on Grand Parade. Furthermore, a Pantomime-themed festive window trail has been created by Eventi Management around the city centre, as an ode to Panto and Theatre in general,  to ensure that residents and visitors can enjoy the Christmas in Cork experience while ensuring social distancing. Beautifully created by Sinéad Dunphy from Eventi Management, with set design by Lisa Zagone, and projection mapping and sound designed by Cormac O’Connor, animations by Barry McCarthy and voiceovers by West End Star Michael Sands; each window represents a traditional Pantomime title in the artistic fashion of a theatre model set box. The stories of Cinderella, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Hansel & Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Beauty & the Beast, Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel will be told in its own designated window on a magical walking tour of Cork City Centre.

It’s safe to say that there really is something special about Cork at Christmas and so we definitely want to Thank Cork It’s Christmas this year.

For more information please visit

Cork City is Bursting with Colour Thanks to Ardú

Mural of a Hurley Player in Cork City


A Street Art Initiative celebrating Cork city’s traditions, history, resolution, and art.


 Featuring seven street murals by seven of Ireland’s most respected and

renowned street artists:


Deirdre Breen – Wandesford Quay

MASER – The Kino, Washington St

James Earley – Henry Street

Peter Martin – Kyle Street

Shane O’Driscoll – Harley Street

Aches – Anglesea St

& Garreth Joyce – Liberty Street


Youtube channel:


Ardú arrived in Cork last month injecting a burst of colour, vibrancy, and life into the city in lockdown. Uniting the Leeside community through art, and lifting its creative and community spirit at a time when it needed it most.


Seven of Ireland’s most respected and renowned street artists were invited to create works at key city-centre locations, in response to a theme inspired by the 1920 Burning of Cork. Discover work by Deirdre Breen at Wandesford Quay, Maser at The Kino, James Earley at Henry Street, Peter Martin at Kyle Street, Shane O’Driscoll at Harley Street, Aches at Anglesea Street, and Garreth Joyce on Liberty Street.


Ardú - the Irish for ‘Rise’ - bases itself on a theme of nostalgia and celebration. Cork City rose from the ashes 100 years ago following the Burning of Cork, and now faces the challenge to rise again. As we soon rise gently out of lockdown, visitors to the city centre are invited to visit the Ardú Street Art trail through December.


Street art is the ideal medium for the times we live in. Cork City Council, Creative Ireland and Fáilte Ireland are delighted to present Ardú to the public, in a safe space where you can interpret the murals outdoors, and at a social distance from each other.


Beginning the first week of December, Ardú are delighted to offer two types of tours for the public to enjoy. Both are FREE and suitable for all ages:


  1. A Guided Walking Tour of the seven Ardú Street Art locations, led by the artists and organisers. (Admission FREE but booking is required via Eventbrite)


  1. A self-guided audio tour starting from Wandesford Quay. Visit the Ardú map available on the website, and find the free audio tour page to stream information on each of the murals and artists from Soundcloud links (smartphone and headphones required)

These brilliant audio tours are narrated by Ray ‘Wingnut’ Cuddihy, and features music by DJ Colm K.


At a time when we face shared and personal challenges, each of our artist’s murals are a rallying cry to the city - a call to remember that we have been through terrible times before and we rose up. We can do it again.

Map for Ardu Street Art Cork City

Co-organiser and artist Shane O’Driscoll said “The response to these murals in the city has been phenomenal, it has surpassed our expectations, instilling a new pride in Cork. The tours will give further insight into the project as they will be led by the team that created and painted in the initiative. This will be a unique and rare experience to walk with the artists and gain new understandings to the murals.”


Michelle Carew, Arts Officer, Cork City Council said “We are truly inspired by the response to Ardú -  the people of Cork have been so supportive of this new creative initiative. The overwhelming response is a reflection of the value of the arts at times of great challenge and a testament to the hard work of each artist involved, who have injected our streets with vibrancy and excitement. The upcoming tours will provide the opportunity for you to experience these spectacular pieces of work and furthermore, to get an insight into the creative process involved.”


Head of Festivals and Events at Fáilte Ireland, Ciara Sugrue added “Fáilte Ireland is pleased to support Ardú with Cork City Council. This initiative, to be delivered in adherence with the national COVID-19 safety guidelines, will provide an engaging, vibrant and creative outdoor experience in Cork.”


Join us for a celebration of Cork city’s traditions, history, and resolution.


The new website will go live this weekend

Follow on…

Twitter: @ArduStreetArt /

Instagram: @ArduStreetArt


Ardú Street Art Initiative is made possible with generous support from Cork City Council, the Creative Ireland Jobs Stimulus Package, and Fáilte Ireland.