Eating for digestive health evening to coincide with World Microbiome Day this June, so why not catch up on the latest research and ensure your diet is feeding your microbes and protecting your health!

The Cornstore have teamed up with APC Microbiome Ireland, the world leading SFI Research Centre, University College Cork and Teagase to shed light on how we can manipulate our diet for the benefit of our health.

On Wednesday next 26th June, Cornstore in Cork will host a mindful 4 course dinner where eating for digestive health is on the menu with guest speakers from APC Microbiome Ireland.

  • Dr Paul Cotter, Head of Food Bioscience at Teagasc will talk about the microbiomes of fermented foods (kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut) which contain living microbes that can have beneficial effects. Dr Cotter’s research aims to definitively establish the benefits of fermented foods and how they differ from one food to another.
  • Dr Sabrina Mörkl, Psychiatrist from University of Graz, Austria will talk about nutrition and mental wellbeing. A growing body of evidence suggests that the bacteria which colonise our guts can have a profound impact on our health and even our mental health where they may play an important role in conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  • Dr David Keohane, GP and clinical research in sports & exercise medicine, will ask whether we can train our microbiome by increasing our fitness through exercise. Researchers at APC have previously shown that some athletes have very high levels of gut microbial diversity (desirable) and that this correlated with their diets and levels of exercise. David will speak about his research on a number of different sports. World Microbiome Day was initiated by APC Microbiome Ireland, a world-leading SFI Research Centre at University College Cork, , in 2018 to showcase the diverse worlds of microbiomes and to encourage public dialogue on their crucial importance to human, animal and environmental health. APC Microbiome Ireland explores the role of microbes (microbiome) in health and disease. The microbiome is a target for treatment and prevention of disease, and a source of new drugs, functional food ingredients and disease biomarkers.

A limited number of tickets for this event which includes a 4 course menu (costing €50) are available.

Reservations 021 4274777.