CBA launches Phase II of “Get the Island Graffiti Free in 2016” project

The Cork Business Association is pleased to launch Phase II of the "Get the Island Graffiti Free in 2016" project.

Having recently completed graffiti removal from the North Main Street area, the Plunkett quarter is the next part of the city to be targeted.  However it is important to point out that the responsibility for the removal of graffiti from a premises falls to the owner.

Lawrence Owens, Chief Executive of the CBA said "we are trying to give a graffiti free city centre back to the building owners but it will be up to them to maintain their premises going forward.  We are delighted with the support from Cork City Council and the expertise from the team at Reimagine Cork to help us get this task completed."


Pictured at Beasley St. and Crane Lane prior to the clean up work commencing are Paul McGuirk, City Centre Coordinator; Eoghan Ryan, Reimagine Cork; Noel Long, Litter Warden Supervisor, Cork City Council and Lawrence Owens, Chief Executive of CBA

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